Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harmony, birds and freedom

"In our ways, spiritual consciousness is the highest form of politics.

We must live in harmony with the natural world and recognize that

excessive exploitation can only lead to our own destruction.

We cannot trade the welfare of our future generations for profit.

We are instructed to carry love for one another, and to show great

respect for all beings of the earth.

Our energy is the combined will of all people with the spirit of the

natural world, to be one body, one heart, and one mind."

Chief Leon Shennandoah

Fire Keeper of the Central Fire for the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy

This is my way also, it is part of the foundations for the Green Party, a world around political movement and party. We do need to work together as one with the natural world and I might add that the natural world has been trying to get our attention to tell us this all while contantly demonstrating it to us in a myriad of ways.

Yesterday, as I was driving back from business in Nashville I stopped to fill my tank with petrol from Venezuela. As my tank was filling I stepped away to gaze at the horizon and the sky as the sun was setting. Across the highway was a 30 foot wide grassy drainage area between the highway and the businesses and a school across the way. As I watched suddenly a flock of birds appeared swirling around in a big ball that changed shape as the flock would change directions back and forth up and down the grassy stretch and around the area getting bigger and bigger. I watched them play in amazement at their graceful ability to all act in unison. Suddenly the great ball of birds headed for a big tree and at once disappeared into it. Back lit by the evening sky the tree literally looked to me like the Tree of Life. As soon as the flock disappeared into the tree, however, a continuous flow of birds began to emit from it and scatter about and disappear into the grass, the schoolyard and all around the fast food restaurants and gas stations with their parking lots. It went on for what seemed a long while before the stream petered out. Then suddenly a small flock arose from the grass forming a ball and flying around and around the area ballooning in size as I had seen it do moments before and again, eventually, disappeared again into the Tree of Life.

I thought: why can't we be like the birds, coming together from all our various perspectives, all our different walks of life, and join together in celebration of the Tree of Life. Instead we have a nation divided struggling to remain standing. We have a Saudi King and other wealthy fascists funding a so-called television news network and a radio station monopoly that is daily engaged in driving a wedge into the heart of American unity by attacking the very foundations of our liberty, the Bill of Rights of our constitution, specifically the first and foremost amendment. So as the Green Party candidate for Governor I would like to ask the demonstrators opposing the mosque addition in Murfreesboro, New York and other places three questions:
  1. What part of Freedom of Religion don't you understand?
  2. Why are you listening to a corporate funded attack on our liberty?
  3. Why are there two groups opposing one another instead of together opposing this corporate funded attack on our Constitution?
I plan to be at the next big demonstration for religious freedom. See you there.