Friday, July 23, 2010

Its pretty crazy out there

I have had my nose to the grindstone, so to speak, lately but it seems like every time I look up our situation is worse. The USDA fired a woman in charge of the southeast region based on a story from FOX news and the guy who was able to destroy ACORN, a group that had been helping poor people, by using edited video tape to misrepresent the truth, meaning it was a lie. They apparently snipped a small part of the woman's speech to the NAACP in which she recounted her coming to awareness of her own racism and how it changed her viewpoint. The Dirty Rotten Liar News Corporation then made the false case that she was a racist which got her fired immediately. So a TV network can make up lies and get a government official fired without the government even looking into the accuracy of the charges? We are in trouble aren't we. The crazies out there are making up so many lies now one almost wants to come to the defense of the Democrats. Of course we know the Democrats are just playing their lame part in this corporate funded drama that in the end may have us all enslaved even more than we are today if folks don't wake up and begin challenging the corporate (Republican) lies much more aggressively. We are currently headed for another civil war which I would really like to see us all avoid. Its time to pull the plug on these troublemakers and get down to business on how we can rescue the world from the corporate behemoth.

I will be on the reservation at Pine Ridge for a couple weeks, I'm going to help the natives build a big barn with straw bale walls. If you are voting in the primary, please vote for the non-corporate candidate ...if there is one.

best wishes,